Bus Money Market

Business Money
Market Accounts

Our Money Market deposit account combines the convenience and accessibility of limited check writing with a tiered, variable-rate interest plan.

Business Money Market Accounts

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  • $1,000 opening deposit
  • Only $6.00 monthly charge if balance falls below $1,000
  • No monthly service charge with an average balance of $2,000
  • Not-in-person transactions are limited to six (6) transactions per statement cycle
  • $5 per item charge for transactions exceeding the above stated limitations
  • Competitive rates

Interest will be paid according to the following tiers:

Tier Amount
Tier 1 $0–$9,999
Tier 2 $10,000–$24,999
Tier 3 $25,000–$49,999
Tier 4 $50,000–$74,999
Tier 5 $75,000–$149,999
Tier 6 $150,000 and above

Money Market accounts are limited to six (6) withdrawals per month. Contact the bank for more detailed information.