Treasury Management

Carrie Hutcherson

Ashley Hurr

Treasury Management Specialist,
Warrensburg Assistant Branch Manager

A guide to protecting your business

Commercial Bill Pay allows you to set up payees for various bills and vendors. Payments can be set up on recurring basis or as a one-time payment.

Commercial Bill Pay gives you flexibility to pay bills when and where you want without ever having to write a check!

Sweeps are an automated way for business customers to manage their money. This service allows you to set a target balance for each account. Often, the target has a ‘high’ and ‘low’ that you would like to keep in the account.

Any balance above the target range is ‘swept’ into another account. That account could be another checking account, savings, money market, or investment account.

Any balance below the target is funded from another associated account to bring the balance back to the target minimum.

F&C Bank Commercial Online Banking provides flexible banking from your business computer, allowing you to access information as well as initiate transactions within your business accounts. Commercial Online Banking allows you to:

  • Check balances in all your accounts - both deposits and loans
  • Transfer between accounts - both checking and savings
  • Make loan payments from accounts at F&C Bank
  • E-statement retrieval
  • Originate ACH transactions
  • Originate domestic wire transfers
  • DirectConnect for Quickbooks reconciliation
  • Secure Message Center- enables secure correspondence between bank and customer

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds which will happen the same day the customer requests the transfer, if the request is prior to Federal Reserve deadlines. A wire transfer is a single item transfer of funds. The difference between a wire transfer and ACH is that an ACH transaction is usually a batch of several items and ACH will not post the same day.

Domestic wire transfers can be initiated via our Commercial Online Banking. Customers can then securely store this wire transfer information for use at a later date if needed.

ACH stands for AUTOMATED CLEARING HOUSE. ACH is simply an automated way of transferring funds without using a paper check. Like a check, funds are transferred from one party to another, often within different banking organizations.

ACH can be either a credit (deposit) or debit (check). A common type of ACH transaction would be payroll deposits.

Business customers can initiate ACH credits and/or debits from their Commercial Online Banking. Information can be securely stored for use on a recurring basis (payroll, tithing, utility bill payments).

Remote Deposit Capture gives you the ability as a business customer to transmit deposited checks electronically from your office to the bank. A scanner is set up at the business office(s) and a web-based program is used to scan the deposit.

Remote Deposit Capture allows for a later cut-off time of 5:00PM with multiple user capabilities that can be customized for each business’ need. Extensive reporting and research options allow for greater managerial oversight and continuous review.

DirectConnect allows you to connect QuickBooks to your F&C Bank Commercial Online Banking account and download transaction activity directly to your QuickBooks register.

Merchant Services allows you to accept credit cards as a method of payment for services. Basys is a third party vendor we refer business customers to for assessment of their merchant services process. Basys will then recommend a custom processing plan that meets each individual business’ need.

Check Collection Service is provided by our third party vendor, Global Check Recovery (GCR), to assist business customers in bad check recovery services. GCR uses several innovative methods to calculate the best time to attempt to re-collect on a check. GCR does all the collection work for you.

Contact the bank for more detailed information.