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Fall 2018

F&C Bank recently installed new ATMs. These new Automated Teller Machines are the latest in available technology with adjustable monitors for vehicle height and touch screen commands. Holden, Lone Jack and Warrensburg locations are all capable of taking check and cash deposits and no longer require envelopes. What this means for customers is that cash is accepted directly into the machine and credited to the customer’s account automatically. Check deposits are also accepted right into the scanner and submitted for deposit. Check deposits are then reviewed by staff to make sure the checks are endorsed properly before the credit is given. ATMs continue to provide a lot of the same features, such as cash withdrawal and balance inquiries. F&C Bank works hard to bring the latest technology and convenience to their customers.

F&C Bank announces partnership with EVERFI promoting Financial Literacy- 2018-2019 school year and on going

F&C Bank has partnered with EVERFI to offer the F&C Bank Money Skills Program for high school aged students at local schools. EVERFI is a company that provides a digitally based financial education tool that can be taught in our local high schools as part or all of the required Personal Finance curriculum. This education tool was originally offered to 7 local schools in the area and 4 schools have implemented the program with 2 more committed to do so this spring. F&C Bank is very excited to promote financial literacy and to provide advanced technology to teachers in order to teach students where. This digitally based program is interactive, so students use the program in class on their computers to learn about anything from credit scores to savings to insurance and taxes and investing. Students will take a test to establish their understanding of the subject prior to the course and then will be tested at the end to access their level of knowledge and if they have a new grasp on the subject. For more information about EVERFI, please visit their website at